Project Overview

The City of Valdez is developing a Master Plan for Meals Hill, a new park in Valdez, AK. The goal of this project is to develop a master plan for the park to guide development in a way that is sustainable, built on consensus, and will reflect the community character of Valdez. The master plan will ensure local public access to parks and trails while considering how Meals Hill can enhance the Valdez visitor experience and diversify the local economy.

Meals Hill is 184 acres of public land located near the Valdez Ferry Terminal that is permanently protected by a conservation easement, ensuring it will remain open to the public for recreation and that its valuable wildlife habitat will remain undeveloped. The Meals Hill property is a significant landmark with environmentally diverse habitat, and it has the potential to be a recreational destination for the City of Valdez.

The Meals Hill property.

Listen to Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services Director Nick Farline discuss the project on KVAK radio to learn more about the project.

Project Schedule

Above is the tentative schedule for the Meals Hill Master Planning process.

Tell Us What You Think!

The community’s participation is vital to make sure that the future development of Meals Hill reflects its vision and values. Learn more about how to participate on the Get Involved page.